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    2013 annual meeting and hand in hand win-win BBS hotel engineering sales elite
    Date:2013/5/20    Views:9809

    Golden phoenix international furniture group "2013 annual sales elite hotel project annual meeting and hand in hand win-win BBS" on January 21 at shenzhen longgang and international friends downer yashow hotel meeting successfully, and a complete success!
    Group President Mr Wang Jinfeng made important remarks at the meeting, said positive achievements in the past year, and sales for group hotel project the future development strategy, the sales of the elite are encouraged.
    Bold innovation, the conference using the form of BBS discussion how to win-win subject and engineering sales elite. Guests to participate in BBS are: group President Mr Wang Jinfeng 12, our general manager Mr Huang Hongyan, Mr Zhang Shaojun, shandong branch general manager Mr Zhou Zhijiang, sales elite representatives, ms dai put guest chaired by Mr Cheng Bing, BBS guests around the theme of views, pragmatic and sincere, have their accumulated years of experience to share to everyone. End of BBS, still feeling attached to the sales elite, after the meeting to give high comments, praised the BBS, novel and lively, benefited a lot, hope group can often held in the future.
    Meeting in the afternoon, shandong branch, general manager: Mr Zhou Zhijiang, sales elites as well as the administrative headquarters of the group on behalf of Mr Cheng Bing hr vp Mr Chen Chuliang also has made important speeches.
    Thank night w warm golden phoenix man push a cup to change, mellow wine enhance friendship, deepen the understanding. Wonderful show, fashion rich prize will be a party to the height of joy!

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